Air Stewards and Air Hostess Training, along with ground staff/ticketing training. Course Pricing – R30 600 excluding VAT (Payment Plans Available).

ground staff training

Live The Adventure With Cabin Crew Academy

Dream of flying the country or the world for a living?  The Ground Staff & Cabin Crew for Air course will equip you to be a stand-out Airline Employee.

Ground Staff & Cabin Crew Training Course Details

    Admission Requirements

    • Grade 12 or equivalent / Fluency in English (An English competency test needs to be taken upon registration of the course).
    • 18 years old by the time you write your final SA-CAA exam
    • Able to swim move unaided in water with a life jacket
    • Be an able-bodied person with excellent general health.

    Course Duration

    • 8 Weeks In Class, Plus 48hrs Distance Learning
    • Mondays – Fridays 9am – 4pm
    • Intakes:  Approximately every 12 weeks of the year (January to November)

    Key Topics

    • Safety and Emergency procedures
    • Fire fighting
    • Aviation Medicine
    • Dangerous Goods
    • Introduction to airport and airline operations
    • Computer Reservations (CRS) and Departure Control Systems (DCS) functions
    • Passenger and Baggage check-in procedures (airport and off-site)
    • Conditions of passenger and baggage carriage, boarding procedures, and flight close-out messaging
    • Dangerous Goods regulations awareness for
      passenger service agents
    • Managing passenger interactions
    • Aviation security procedures for passenger and baggage transport
    • Enhanced passenger facilitation, latest innovations, and career opportunities
    • Check-in Agent collection
    • Gate Agent collection
    • Explain the system architecture of the Amadeus Altéa
    • Suite including Departure Control-Customer Management

    Career Choices

    • Airlines (Cabin Crew)
    • Cruise lines
    • Airports
    • Luxury Bus
    • Luxury Trains
    • Camper hire (Ground crew)

    What To Expect For Your Final Exam 

    • Exam Method: Classroom exam at the SA-CAA  
    • Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions. No Textbooks are permitted
    • Number of questions: 100
    • Time Allowance: One hour
    • Number of exam attempts: 2
    • Exam Method: Online exam with remote supervision
    • Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions, Closed Textbook
    • Number of questions: 100
    • Time Allowance: 3 hours
    • Passing Grade: 60% correct answers
    • Distinction Grade: 90% correct answers                                     

    Course Qualifications

    • International Cabin Crew License
    • Firefighting
    • Aviation Medicine
    • Dangerous goods
    • Boeing 737 certificates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Is The Course?

    Our Cabin Crew Air & Ground staff Training is R30 600.00 excluding VAT (cash price)

    Is There A Payment Plan?

    Yes, you pay 50% on commencement of the course and the balance in the third week of the course.

    How Long Is The Course?

    6 weeks from start to finish.  The entire course including the theory and practical training is 6 weeks.

    Do you train Monday To Friday?

    You train Mon-Fi and there could be one or two Saturdays, depending on the program.

    What Subjects Do I Need?

    There are no particular subjects needed.  Tourism and Geography or an extra language is always an advantage.

    Are There Any Extra Charges?

    All extra charges are stipulated in our quotation, so you will not incur any extra fees beyond that. For a quotation WhatsApp us on 060 421 0251 for a callback.

    Must I Be Able To Swim?

    You need to be able to move unaided in water with a life jacket on.

    Is The License International?

    Yes, it is.  We are internationally accredited. 

    Is There A Height Restriction?

    Generally, a future cabin crew needs to be at least 157 cm tall to a maximum of 188cm.

    Here Are Some Guidelines For The Height Required By Companies That Frequently Recruit:

    Etihad Airways – minimum 210 cm – must reach this height with your arm, barefoot; you can stand on your toes.


    Qatar Airways – minimum 212 cm – must reach this height with your arm, barefoot; you can stand on your toes.


    Emirates – minimum 212 cm – must reach this height with your arm, barefoot; you can stand on your toes.


    Ryanair – minimum 157 cm, 188 cm maximum.


    Wizz Air – minimum 165 cm for women and at least 175 cm for men.


    British Airways – minimum 158 cm, 186 cm maximum .


    Virgin Atlantic – at least 158 cm.


    Easyjet – minimum 158 cm , 190 cm maximum

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