“The Last Frontier” and “The Great Land” are some of the names used to describe the beautiful land of Alaska. Not only is Alaska huge, but it is simply magnificent. The beauty of this arctic paradise cannot be denied, and its wholesome citizens are quite easy to befriend. From kayaking on blue-dyed lakes to having cosy gatherings in the many towns found here, there is plenty to do and many places to visit while in Alaska. Here are some of the best places to visit while there.

Denali National Park.

The Denali National Park is home to the incredible nature one would expect from the beautiful country that is Alaska. It is the third largest National Park in the whole of the United States and is home to the highest mountain in North America, the same mountain which the park was named after. Denali is the name of this 6,190-meter mountain. More than just a massive mountain, this national park hosts a variety of views and activities for outdoor lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. Home to a great range of wildlife including bears, elk and wolves, as well as over 100 species of birds, there is always something to make the environment feel lively while you are there. The land itself is filled with glacial mountains, river valleys, and vibrant fields to leave any viewer mesmerized.

Kenai Fjord National Park.

More national parks! This one is special though, and offers some of the best site seeing one could ask for in Alaska. The Kenai Fjord National Park offers activities from hiking to having scenic flights over the area. For those who enjoy getting their hands dirty, fishing and kayaking are some of the activities encouraged while at the national park. Enjoy something more relaxed? Consider going on one of the boat cruises to travel along the oceanic landscape, and really take in the surroundings. Don’t be surprised if you come across a grizzly bear or two as they feast on the many salmon that can be found there. Among the many sites to see here is the Harding Icefield, and arctic landscape that surely proves a great trail for hikers to conquer.

The Alaska Highway.

The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway, is a famous route that runs from Dawson Creek in Canada to Delta Junction in Alaska. This highway was originally built for military purposes during WWII, but now serves as an extremely important route for land access to Southern Alaska. The highway’s ridiculous length of 2 237km offers a great experience for those who enjoy road trips. There are many motels and shops to stop at during this journey, as well as plenty of spaces to stop to appreciate the gorgeous scenery that is seen throughout nearly the entire trip. It takes close to 60 hours to travel the entire highway, so if this pilgrimage is what you wish to undertake, be sure to pack accordingly!

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