1. When booking for a scheduled course, a registration form is to be completed and submitted, along with a copy of your photo ID document and emailed to deirdre@cabincrewacademy.co.za2. No Course will be confirmed until either a deposit of full payment (as required per course) and all other documents are received i.e. registration form, cop of your id etc3. All bookings are subject to availability at time of receipt of payment.4. The amount for the course is due upon receipt of the invoice.5. The balance of the payment must be paid before the course examination.6. Cancellations within 14 working days prior to course commencement will result in forfeiting the deposit as a cancellation fee (50% of course fee or 50% of the deposit as quoted), however given more than 14 working days notice you will be eligible for a refund, less an administration fee of R200.7. Bookings made within 14 working days require full payment upon registering.8. Postponement will b allowed provided that the request is made at least 14 working days prior to the original date and will be subject to availability for the new date.9. CABIN CREW ACADEMY reserves the right to change the course dates. CABIN CREW ACADEMY will notify students accordingly, with sufficient notice prior to the dates being changed.10. No-shows will be subject to 100% cancellation fee.11. Students enrolling for the Travel and Tourism and Hospitality courses will receive an IATA certificate12. The right to attend lectures and write exams is non-transferable. Accordingly the learner shall attend all lectures for classroom courses and shall be the only one entitled to write the exam.13. CABIN CREW ACADEMY has the right to appoint external facilitators for any courses if required.14. Neither CABIN CREW ACADEMY nor any official employee of CABIN CREW ACADEMY OR ANCIENT WINDMILL GUESTHOUSE AND CONFERENCE VENUE shall be liable for any damages or injuries arising out of:a. The death, bodily harm, loss of health or illness of any customer caused andb. The destruction of or damage to or theft of any property owned by or in the custody of any customer howsoever caused.15. CABIN CREW ACADEMY does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex national origin, or age. CCA reserves the right not to accept applicants who administration feels will not successfully complete the training curriculum or would be unsuccessful in job procurement.

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