San Diego, A Truly Amazing City on the Pacific Coast of Southern California. 

There are few cities in the world like San Diego. Boasting gorgeous weather, world-class beaches, and an extremely strong influence of Spanish culture from their shared border with Mexico.

The City is packed with fun activities to do and when working for an Airline, you get to have a few days lay-over to pack in as much adventure as your heart can muster. 

First Things First – you need to head straight to a local authentic Mexican restaurant. It doesn’t matter which one, because no matter which one you choose, I guarantee you will be welcomed with warm hearts and friendly service. Often, the chef and owner are the same person and will come out and explain to you how the restaurant started, what their secret ingredient is, and what some of the best activities are around town. 


If you enjoy the ‘touristy’ side of things, then the 4 biggest attractions in my books would be:

The World Famous San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld

With over 12,000 animals of more than 650 species, you get to see one of the world’s largest variety of animals all in one place. According to Britannica, “San Diego Zoo is renowned for its endangered Species breeding programs and conservation efforts.” This is comforting as many countries tend to house animals in conditions that do not provide adequate care for the animals.

After walking around the Zoo most of the afternoon, it’s time to head to SeaWorld for this sunset Orca show. This is something NOT to be missed and promises to be one of the best Orca Shows anyone will get to see in their lifetime.

Air & Space Museum

This Museum houses A large variety of Aviation artifacts and replicas from all over the world and even has the original Apollo 9 Command Module known as “GumDrop” which held the Crew that tested the orbital rendezvous and docking procedures which made the lunar landings possible.

USS Midway

The USS Midway is a historical Aircraft Carrier that has been converted into a museum. It is home to a large collection of Aircraft, many of which were made in San Diego. Walking around the ship gives you a truly unique feeling of what it might have been like to be a crew member of a ship like that


Last but not least, a baseball game with the San Diego Padres at Petco Park Stadium.

A trip to America would not be complete without taking your seat in a Baseball stadium, hearing the chanting of the crowd as the team runs onto the field and eating hotdogs, sipping coke, and trying the infamous Corn Dogs.


If there is one thing you have to credit the Americans for, it’s that they really take the expression ‘go big or go home’ seriously. No matter what you decide to do with your time here, you will enjoy every moment of it. For this reason and many more, San Diego is definitely a City to add to your bucket list.

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