Being A flight attendant can be a very attractive option for someone looking at entering the travel industry. In this blog, I would like to give you a breakdown of some things to expect when considering this option so that you can be better informed about making your decision.

The Good, The Bad, and The Luxury

Let’s start off with the first obvious reason, and that is you get to see the world. Working for an International Airline gives you an opportunity to travel to a lot of different places and stay in cities for free. Often you have a few days layover until your return flight which allows you to take some time off and do some touring.  The starting pay is above average when compared to a lot of other industries and you get to learn to help strengthen your personal skills by interacting with many different people and cultures.

Like anything in life, nothing is perfect. Some major drawbacks to working for an Airline are the hours, having to always look presentable, and put on a smile – regardless of how you feel that day. This is, unfortunately, part of the job and like anything in the service industry, you will end up dealing with some very difficult people. To some people, this is a major disadvantage but for others, it is 100% worth it when compared to the countries you visit, the luxury hotels you get to stay at, and the experiences you have that most people in the world never get to enjoy. 

Some Useful skills and Personality Traits

Firstly, the most important thing you need is to be flexible and have a love for travel. This job requires many last-minute trips and schedule changes, so you need to be able to pack up and head out at a moment’s notice while feeling comfortable in new places.   

Secondly, being patient is key to this job. You need to always be prepared for difficult people and deal with them in a calm, friendly manner. This includes being a good listener and finding the best solution to help the client out with their problems.

Finally, you need an interest in other cultures. You will often be sent to places where the culture is very different from your own, so an acceptance of things being done differently from what you are used to will be a benefit.  If you happen to have a working knowledge of 1 or more international languages, then this can also open other opportunities for you to work abroad for foreign airlines.

Getting into the industry

Having an accredited course is key to starting your career outright. We highly recommend doing our cabin crew course at  where we offer an exceptionally comprehensive course with friendly, experienced lecturers at a very competitive price.

Once accredited, doing a bit of research into the different airlines will help you get to know what culture the airlines have and help you decide whom to approach for a job. For Example, is generally known for its fun playful approach to flying whereas a larger company like British Airways might be more formal. Each has its own pros and con’s but most airlines take care of their employees quite well.

Follow the link below to view the different travel courses we offer and read some other travel blogs on our website to help you get to know the industry a bit better.


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