Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is reminiscent of Amsterdam with its waterways, colourful buildings, and culture of cycling.

By far its most famous landmark is the darling Little Mermaid statue atop a rock next to the Langelinie Promenade. Small as it is, this statue was sculpted as a tribute to the famous author of many children’s stories, Hans Christian Andersen.

Another very famous tourist attraction is the Tivoli Gardens, the World’s second oldest amusement park (the first being Bakken, also in Copenhagen) with rides catering to all ages. Enjoy a fun day there with your fellow cabin attendants trying out the different rides and maybe stay on into the evening for a concert.

As mentioned before, cycling is one of the main modes of transport in the city, so, maybe hire a bike for the day so you can explore a few more of the famous attractions. How about visiting the Christiania neighbourhood, home to the city’s counterculture and an urban oasis? Here you’ll be surprised at every turn with graffiti, creative design, urban gardens, and more.

Time for a snack? Cycle over to the Torvehallerne KBH market where you can sample healthy cuisine made with seasonal foods or perhaps enjoy a Danish Smorgasbord, meaning bread and butter, which is so much more and consists of cheeses, breads, assorted cold meats, and seafood with a variety of garnishes. Copenhagen can also boast the title of the city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the World.

There are also many beautiful palaces to be explored, as Denmark is one of the few countries which still has a ruling monarch, the current incumbent being Queen Margrethe II crowned in January 1972. The fairy-tale Rosenborg Slot is one of these dating back to the Renaissance period. With its interesting architecture and colourful gardens, a day spent exploring here will give one an insight into the royal family, one of the oldest monarchies in Europe.

The day is coming to a close and perhaps you’d like to sit with a cold Carlsberg beer at one of the sidewalk cafes with a few of your flight crew watching the world go by. You can also be sure to find some interesting nightlife on one of the side streets branching off from the Stroget where you can party until five in the morning alongside the city’s trendsetters.

If this sounds like the kind of life you’d like and all included in your work, then don’t hesitate.

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