Finland is situated in Northern Europe, bordering Sweden and Norway, with its capital city being Helsinki. Known as the happiest country in the world, and for good reason, Finland draws the attention of any who look to experience the breath-taking scenery of its enchanted winters, cosy towns, and a fair range of forests. Finland is popular for having the world’s best education systems and being home to some of the friendliest people to work with.

No description of Finland would be complete without the mention of Santa Claus! Finland is extremely famous for its connection to Father Christmas. Rovaniemi, a Finnish town, is said to be the home of the jolly man himself and is also an incredible site for viewing the Northern Lights. This snowy paradise offers incredible sights for all to behold.

Somethings to do…

Finnish people enjoy being outdoors and exploring the beautiful nature of their homeland, and most people visiting the country do the same. However, for those interested in something other than exploring the outdoor nature of Finland, the many modern towns and cities hold a variety of world-class restaurants for some of the finest dining one could ask for. Many breath-taking historical sites can be found all over the country and among the many sites to behold is Turku Castle.  Constructed in the late 13th century, it is one of the oldest buildings in Finland that is still in use. Turku Castle is now a museum, and it is often seen being visited by countless tourists and local folk during the daily tours of the site, great for any history-loving folk.

The country is sometimes referred to as the “Country of a Thousand Lakes”, being home to 187,888 lakes! Finland’s largest lake, Lake Saimaa, houses more than 10 000 islands.  Those who experience the beauty of the area are treated by the exquisite nature of the water-filled paradise.

For those looking for more physical outdoor activities, Levi offers a skiing experience like no other. Its snowy peaks are truly one of a kind and offer exquisite scenery for both those who choose to ski and those who simply would like to treat their eyes to the view.

There are plenty of activities to partake in while in Finland, so what would you spend your time doing if you were there? Will you satisfy your taste buds by experiencing what all the different restaurants they have to offer? Will you spend your time conquering the outdoors by setting off on your adventures of exploration? Perhaps you would simply spend your time visiting the many historical sites in the country? If an adventure like this is what you seek, why not pursue that by looking into training with Cabin Crew Academy?

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