Each person is different. We all have our unique strengths and weaknesses, and in this blog, I would like to give you a few insights into the tourism industry to help you decide on whether pursuing a career in the tourism industry is right for you.

Work as a Team.

I know it’s a cliché, but the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” is really part of the tourism industry. Each person helps the other, so it is extremely important that you see yourself as a team player if tourism is something you want to pursue. Teamwork has many great advantages. Firstly, is helps generate great ideas to help build and grow you as a person and the business and will allow you to find out things about yourself you never knew. Teamwork has been proven to relieve stress as each person helps carry the workload to reach common goals together.

Endless Opportunities.

Globally, it is estimated that the tourism industry employs over 100 million people. That is roughly the amount of people living in Australia and Germany combined! What a crazy thought. It has a very low-skill entry point which means you can get started in the industry without a degree. From there, you can do on the job training and grow into different roles that best fit your personality. If you are adventurous and hate being indoors, then you could be part of the adventure teams or wildlife safari teams. If you prefer to sit behind a desk, then you can do reservations, car hire or accounting. If food is your passion, become a chef and work in exotic locations creating food the guests will never forget.

It’s a Huge Industry.

South Africa is a country which has it all. We have beautiful oceans, unique wildlife, majestic mountains, and some of the best weather in the world. In 2018 our tourism brought in around R130 billion and was responsible for 4.5% employment in our country. The tourism industry is always changing and with guests from all over the world coming to experience what our country has to offer, you get to be part of it. After a few years, if you find that you are interested in working abroad, the skills you learn on the job will allow you to take your career to any other country. This may be a permanent placement in various countries or seasonal work at ski resorts for the winter. These often come with fully paid accommodation and their own special visa.

You Make A Difference.

You are unique and have something to offer the world by being who you are. The tourism industry is one of the most unique and flexible industries you can find and will help you bring joy to those around you in your own special way. When people come to experience a new place, the staff and environment are what really make the difference between a good holiday and a great one. You can be that difference.

Cabin crew would love to help get you started on your journey. Follow the link to see the different courses we offer and get started on a career that will change your life. https://training4successacademy.net/courses/

It just takes a spark to start a fire.



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