San Francisco, the United State’s sixteenth largest city, founded by Spanish settlers in 1769, is a city of beauty and splendour with its famous Golden Gate Bridge spanning the large natural harbour being its most undisputed famous landmark.

This city has so much to offer as far as sightseeing goes that you will be lucky if you manage to take in five famous sights in your short stopover as cabin crew.

Be sure to take a trip or two on the famous trams up and down the hilly streets and visit the world’s most crooked street, made famous in many movies set in the city.

On your first day, you could maybe visit the Haight Ashbury neighbourhood known as a favourite hangout for the hippie community of the late 60s and 70s. Some of its famous residents from that era include Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead and there are still interesting local shops selling memorabilia from those halcyon days of free love.

At lunchtime, experience cuisine from around the world purchased from the numerous Mission Bay Social Food Trucks. Relax whilst sampling these different foods and imagine being in the country from which they originated. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to travel there on one of your next flights as a cabin attendant for one of the major airlines.

Have you ever heard of the famous prison Alcatraz? Well, even if you haven’t you can see the island on which it’s located in San Francisco Bay, and today it is no longer a prison but one of the major tourist attractions in the area. Ferries depart regularly from Pier 33 taking curious visitors to the island for a tour of the prison.

Another famous museum in the city is the California Academy of Sciences and if you happen to be there on a Thursday evening, you can experience the exhibits with a cocktail in your hand and cool music playing in the background.

A fun fact you may not already know about San Francisco is that blue jeans were invented here by no other than Levi Strauss after whom the famous brand was named. They were invented for the Gold Rush miners who needed tough, durable garments to wear for their manual labour.

These are only a handful of possible things to do in this vibrant city. Should you have a few more days, be sure to visit China Town, the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, and the famous Valencia Street known for its all-night parties.

Does this all feel like a pipe-dream to you? Well, maybe not. Apply now to train as a Cabin Attendant with Cabin Crew Academy and you could be winging your way to interesting cities in no time at all.

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